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Hydro Halo the Property Fire Prevention System Drawing from a pool
Property Fire Prevention System can use many sources of water


Pool Draw System

Our fully self-contained Pool Draw System uses a high pressure pump to draw water from a swimming pool. Pump the water through the fire hose to our mounted water cannon. In the off season the Pool Draw System is condensed to a heavy duty cart for easy mobility and storage. 

Tank Draw System

The Tank Draw System utilizes an above ground 5000 gallon minimum water tank (Tank not included in this system). This tank can be hard plumbed or soft line plumbed to the pump. Pressurized water is then sent to the Mounted Water Cannon.

Pond/Lake Draw System

Our Pond / Lake Draw System can take on a variety of configurations. Almost every situation is different. Our qualified staff will determine the most cost efficient way to protect your property.   

A ground mounted water cannon that comes with Property Fire Prevention
Mounted Water Cannon

Each Pool Draw System is equipped with one Water Cannon and the installed in-ground mounting. The Stand Pipe supporting the Water Cannon also fitted with an auxiliary 1-1/2" port which allows the user to attach the included 100 foot of fire hose and nozzle. This can be used to wet areas not reached by the Water Cannon in normal operation. 


In some cases multiple Water Cannons are needed. Additional Water cannons are available as requested. 


Our newest entry is this small hand carry pool draw pump. weighs about 25 lbs. Has more than double the spray distance and several times the volume of water than an average garden hose. 

FireFly 3 (1).jpeg
A custom solution to fit your needs provided by PFP
Custom Solutions

Every home and property offers different challenges, we at Property Fire Prevention have experience with many water draw needs and property layouts. If what you see here isn't exactly what you think you need give us a call we have several other pumps and water cannons available. 


Authorized MultiQuip Distributor

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