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40 years of metal working experience. Artistic design and much more.
Ride to Walk is a nonprofit organization providing therapeutic horse riding for children and adults with special needs ranging from learning disabilities to quadriplegia.
High-tec precision machine shop.
Vulcan Vents manufactures attic vents, foundation vents and many other vent solutions designed to keep wildfire embers out of your home. 
Need water delivered in the Reno NV. area? This is your place. 

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For years fire departments have been using surfactants to change the surface tension of water. My best way to explain the surface tension of water is to look at a water bug that is floating on the surface by just touching it's (feet?) I have no idea what it is called. If you look closely it looks like the water is bending under the feet and holding the bug up. By changing the surface tension of water this may get better or worse for the bug.

Surfactants make it worse for the bug but for fire fighting it's better by letting water absorb into plant life or even dry plant life easier. There are many products from the Water Wetter to dishwashing detergent.
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