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How it Works

Hydro Halo Fire Prevention Water Cannon
Property Fire Prevention System Soaking the area
Exterior Water Cannon System

Also known as an Exterior Watering System, the purpose of our system is to reduce or eliminate the possibility of ignition by wetting the home and surrounding property. There are other types of exterior home sprinkler systems on the market now. Truth be told anything one can do to wet your surroundings in front of an oncoming wild fire is helpful. 

We have taken the external sprinkler system to another level. Utilizing a heavy duty water cannon and the most dependable pump on the market, our system will cover a 200 foot circle with a uniform deluge of water and will do so unattended for several hours. 

Our system is tailored to your needs. We position the water cannon to maximize coverage and protection, we can alter the height of the water stream to again maximize coverage and protection as part of the installation. 

Our base system includes the high pressure pump, water cannon, 12 feet of intake hose with intake screen, 200 feet of fire hose to connect the pump to the water cannon, all contained on a mobile cart with installation.

Hydro Halo Property Fire Prevention Tool works with your pool and other water sources.
Image of Honda Engine that powers property fire prevention system
Easy to Use

The Property Fire Prevention system is designed such a way that anyone can easily turn it on in an emergency.  We created the system on a very maneuverable cart that is 4 ft x 3 ft and sits on 4 large outdoor wheels.  The unit can easily be stored in a garage or shed.  The System can fit through a standard gate that allows easy access to your water source or pool area.  

Buy direct from the people who build it. 


The system’s EPA/CARB Certified Honda Engine has a 99.9% start ratio and can pump an adjustable 50 – 140 gallons of water per minute. The water cannon will reach over 40 ft high and rotate continually covering a 240 foot circle of high saturation to protect your property.  Increasing your defensible space from a threat of wildfire.  One water cannon protects a 30,000 sq ft area and can run for about 5 – 7 hours drawing from an average swimming pool.  The engine is gas powered coupled to a high pressure water pump and our system is Made In The USA. 


The system is built from heavy gauge steel with diamond plating and we only use municipal state of the art fire hoses that are code approved along with our patent-pending PFP System.

Our system is designed for a mandatory evacuation scenario in which the user turns it on, evacuates and has peace of mind that their property is protected.

See it in action.

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